How to Stop Sciatica Pain During Travel

Traveling can be uncomfortable at the best of times. But when you suffer from sciatica pain it can become a truly agonizing experience. Sadly, many sciatica sufferers avoid traveling altogether because of the pain associated with staying seated in a cramped car or airplane for extended periods.

But sciatica sufferers need not despair. The good news is that, armed with a few tips and techniques, you can significantly reduce your sciatica pain during business and leisure travel.

Travel preparation tips

air If you suffer from sciatica pain there are a few things you should do in the weeks leading up to your trip:

Go to see your doctor. Check that you have the all-clear to travel with your sciatica condition. Also check that you have sufficient medication to manage your sciatica pain during your trip.
Give your travel agent a call and ensure that any problems that arise from your sciatica will be covered by your travel insurance policy.

In the days leading up to your trip call your airline or other transport help desk to let them know about your condition. Request a seat with additional leg room so that you will be able to frequently stand up and stretch to reduce your sciatica pain.

On the day of you trip

The day of your trip is all about minimizing activities that will aggravate your sciatica pain:

Try to minimize excessive movement with heavy luggage items. If you can, ask for assistance to move your luggage around.
Carry a minimum of items with you as hand luggage. Taking a light bag will reduce the strain on your back.
Prior to embarkation try to walk around and gently stretch from time to time. This will help you to be in the best possible shape as your travel commences.
During your travel be conscious of your seating posture and ensure your back is correctly supported.
Every hour or so, stand up and stretch your legs and back muscles using gentle stretching exercises. These regular gentle stretching exercises will help to reduce your sciatica pain.

Reduce sciatica pain through gentle exercise and posture correction

To achieve long term relief from sciatica pain I recommend you take a look at Stop Sciatica Now by Pamela Kihm. The book describes in detail how gentle sciatica exercises and minor changes in body positioning can significantly improve your sciatica condition. I suggest working through the Stop Sciatica Now book in the four weeks leading up to your travel. This will ensure you are in the best possible shape to enjoy your trip.

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